Why Buy the
Dream Warriors 
​Story for your child?

​To end you child's or grandchild's
bad dreams and nightmares with our effective 

story.   Having it available in 4 products makes
it a highly effective tool for parents to have ready

to help children conquer bad dreams & nightmares.  
We encourage parents to use all of the Dream Warrior 
book products to ensure your child has the product they 
identify with best.  W
e offer several INSTANT DOWNLOADS
a Digital
"Read Along Book", and a dynamic "Video Book" that
can be watched on computers, smart phones and tablets.  Kindle 
even has a "E-Book" version that can be viewed on both Kindles and
iPads.  We even offer a FREE "Read Along Download" with a purchase of our Dream Warrior
Lullaby Album.  See more below...  

The Video Book or "V-Book" Download brings the Dream Warriors story to life with a full audio package.  This audio package includes themed background music, character voices, a bold sound effect package and a narrator who tells an extended version of the Dream Warriors story.

Max ​Value Pack

Our classic children's books introduce the Dream Warriors teddy bear's that protect children from bad dreams.  The Dream Warriors know how to stop bad dreams, stop nightmares and help kids sleep tight.  This is the story of how Grand Master Henry runs a top secret Dream Warrior training camp, hidden deep in the wilderness, and how Dream Warriors find their way to children with bad dreams.  The Dream Warriors children's books are the perfect solution that stops bad dreams and nightmares.


Dream Warrior Paperback Book

Includes 3 Items

  • Dream Warrior Video Book Download
  • Dream Warrior Lullaby Album Download
  • Dream Warrior Coloring Book Download

Package Includes 

Lullaby Album Download

We are constantly asked, "Where can I get a Dream Warrior Teddy Bear?"

INcludes 4 Items​ ​​

  • Dream Warrior Paperback
  • Dream Warrior Lullaby Album Download
  • Dream Warrior Read Along Video
  • ​Dream Warrior Coloring Book Download


Dream Warriors Children's Books

Includes FREE Coloring
​Pages Download

Package Includes 

Package Includes 


"What a great story for all ages. My 7 year old was able to read it with a little help. The illustrations are done so we'll it makes you feel like your part of the story. Great job from start to finish!! I would definitively recommend this book!"
-Renae Meyer San Diego Ca.


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INcludes 5 Items​ ​​

  • Dream Warrior Paperback
  • Dream Warrior Video Book
  • Dream Warrior Lullaby Album Download
  • Dream Warrior Read Along Video
  • ​Dream Warrior Coloring Book Download

We offer these two ​​​​FREE
DOWNLOADS with your purchase

Lullaby Album


The Lullaby Album includes a very special reading of the Dream Warriors book by Marty Ray, of The Marty Ray Project.  The album includes over 20 modern renditions of traditional lullabies, folk & gospel songs, classical masterpieces, and a couple Dream Warrior Original Lullabies. 


Video Book Download

This is a FREE download we give to every Dream Warrior customer. Our "Coloring Pages"allows kids to stay busy and creative while working with illustrations that promote positive daily activities from sun up to sun down.  

We are currently working hard to build a relationship with a supplier of an official Dream Warrior Teddy Bears. Although we currently have no affiliation with Build-A-Bear Workshop, we have found their stores, their staff and their product to be of the highest quality, and because of that, we strongly recommend taking the time to go to your local Build-A-Bear Workshop to build the "Dream Warrior" Teddy Bear that your child will feel protected and secure with..

Video Book

​Digi - Pack
​Value Pack

The "Read Along Book" is a FREE download when you purchase our Value Pack or MAX Pack.  This is just one more way a parent can introduce the Dream Warriors to their child, and it's FREE!