"Ten years ago this process began., after countless set backs and just as many financial challenges, we were finally able to help kids run towards their dreams, and not away."   
 -James Staake

The Dream Warriors children's books concept was born about 35 years ago when I had trouble with bad dreams.  I wanted to sleep with my parents every night, and that grew old fast.  My dad came up with an idea that solved my bad dreams and night-time anxiety problem for good.  My Dad gave me the Dream Warriors story.  

About 20 years later one of my friends had a son who was suffering from bad dreams.  I told him all about the story of the "Dream Warriors", he then passed the story on to his son.  Through other friends and family, I started to realize that a lot of kids just need a Dream Warrior to watch over them at bed time.

A few years later, I had my own kids. After I told my wife about the Dream Warriors, it wasn't long before she also fell in love with it. Being an art major, specializing in Illustration, she helped me turn a childhood saving grace, into something that our family can now share with kids all over the United States!  I dream is slowly being realized, thank you for sharing the Dream Warriors with all your friends.   

Family Created